day 30–solidarity fast

Spence-by-fred-chartrand-from-the-g&mKairos invites us ‘to join in a Solidarity Fast with Chief Spence on Friday, January 11.’  A little background: ‘On Friday, January 4, the Prime Minister announced that he would meet with First Nations leaders on January 11, the one month anniversary of Chief Theresa Spence’s fast to bring attention to the treaty relationship between First Nations and Canada. KAIROS welcomes this meeting as a response to the Chief’s call’. Kairos advises:

  • If you are medically able, we ask you to forgo solid food for 24 hours in the same way that Chief Spence has for the past weeks. Consume clear liquids only – water, herbal teas, and broths.
  • If you are not medically able to do this, but are able to forgo one meal, then please do so and make this your Solidarity Fast with Chief Spence.
  • If you are not medically able to miss a meal, please consider what you can do within your dietary regime as a symbolic action of solidarity.

Kairos encourages ‘you to begin your fast with this reading from Isaiah 58: 6-12 (or another sacred text from your tradition).  You may choose to read  aloud or in silence, as individuals, a family, or a community…. Isaiah 58 tells us that the true fast is to take action for justice. Please contact the Prime Minister, the Governor General, and your Member of Parliament before January 11, with the following points:

  • Express your support for this meeting as a response to the call of Chief Spence.
  • Explain to them that you will be fasting in solidarity with the Chief while the meeting is going on,
  • State your belief in nation-to-nation relationships and respect for Treaties.
  • Indicate your hope that this meeting will be a critical first step in just and equitable relationship with Indigenous peoples in this country.
  • You may also wish to remind them of the Government’s promise, made in the 2008 Apology to Survivors of Indian Residential Schools, to “[forge] a new relationship between aboriginal peoples and other Canadians, a relationship based on the knowledge of our shared history, a respect for each other and a desire to move forward together …” adding that this is a commitment that you also hold sacred.’
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