hard-timesBaseless facts, which once were tied to the Earth now float freely in the sky, like balloons or plastic bags, littering trees and killing things. In Gradgrind’s bedroom, ‘the most complicated social questions were cast up, got into exact totals, and finally settled – if those concerned could only have been brought to know it. As if an astronomical observatory should be made without any windows, and the astronomer within should arrange the starry universe solely by pen, ink, and paper, so Mr. Gradgrind, in his Observatory (and there are many like it), had no need to cast an eye upon the teeming myriads of human beings around him, but could settle all their destinies on a slate, and wipe out all their tears with one dirty little bit of sponge.’

When I read ‘if those concerned could only have been brought to know it’, I think of our present government drafting bills without treaty partners’ knowledge. That’s acting in bad faith. That’s arrogant. It seems we have our own hard times here in Canada in the twenty-first century. Weren’t there revolutions for passing laws without representation? Oh yeah. The American War Of Independence, for one.

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