day 26–the 8th fire


Chief Spence is not eating. Idle No More is spreading. All of us are learning. image by fred chartrand from the globe and mail.

8th-fire-anim-from-cbcHave you heard of the 8th Fire, ‘an Anishinaabe prophecy that declares now is the time for Aboriginal peoples and the settler community to come together and build the 8th Fire of justice and harmony’? The CBC ran a series on it recently. It may be that Chief Spence’s and Idle No More’s actions are part of that prophecy. It may be that the 8th Fire is part of that treasure trove of ancient wisdom that Wade Davis talks about. image from the cbc.

In 2012 not only did we have the CBC series, we had the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the First Nations-Crown Gathering, as well as Chief Spence’s and Idle No More’s actions. We have so much to discover, learn, and share. We have only fear itself to fear. But still I fear. I fear that instead of fostering communication, we will continue to mistrust each other. But what about the 8th Fire? But what about Chief Spence?

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