day 23

Spence-by-fred-chartrand-from-the-g&mThere seems to be a divide between those who see this as a shared land and those who see this as Crown land. I fear that Harper is firmly in the latter camp, that he won’t see Chief Spence for there is nothing to discuss, and that she will die soon. I fear, like Moses and the pharoah (Harper is the pharoah), a hardening of the pharoah’s heart. I fear conflict like at Ipperwash and Oka, no resolution, no understanding. image by fred chartrand from the globe and mail.

W.O. Mitchell asked, ‘Who has seen the wind?’ When we ask ‘Who owns the land’ of a Native person, we get the same answer: neither you nor I. Yet in Harper’s books,    everything is owned, even the wind and land. That’s a difference in understanding. It’s possible that the signatories weren’t aware of this difference, but now we, the inheritors, are. Let’s talk. image by sean kilpatrick.

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