sissy’s schooling

hard-timesgradgrind says to sissy jupe: ‘I shall have the satisfaction of causing you to be strictly educated; and you will be a living proof to all who come into communication with you, of the advantages of the training you will receive. You will be reclaimed and formed.’

when learning of her interest in fancy, not fact, he is aghast: ‘And what … did you read to your father, Jupe?’ ‘About the Fairies, sir, and the Dwarf, and the Hunchback, and the Genies,’ she sobbed out; ‘and about – ‘ ‘Hush!’ said Mr. Gradgrind, ‘that is enough. Never breathe a word of such destructive nonsense any more. Bounderby, this is a case for rigid training.’

can fact replace fancy at fourteen (or however old she is)? can schooling replace upbringing? will cissy lose the wonder and magic? will she gain knowledge and certainty? is she on the road to mastery?

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