day 22

Spence-by-fred-chartrand-from-the-g&mfrom the globe and mail–

the chief of the attawapiskat first nation, theresa spence, wants ‘a meeting among first nations, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a representative of the Crown, presumably Governor-General David Johnston,’ to discuss ‘the treaty that was signed in the first decade of the last century…. It promised money, education and health care in exchange for sharing the land. Ms. Spence, like the descendants of the signatories of similar treaties across the country, says Canada is no longer living up to its part of the bargain.’ image by fred chartrand from the globe and mail.

‘It was coincidental, she said, that her personal crusade began about the same time as … “Idle No More.” Those actions were also aimed at the Conservative government – specifically at a number of bills that will have a direct effect on aboriginal communities.’

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