Notes On Her ‘Idle No More’ Presentation by Dr. Pamela Palmater

Notes on her ‘Idle No More’ presentation in Alberta by Dr. Pamela Palmater

The a/v isn’t very good, but at least somebody had the presence of mind to record this. (For a clearer idea of what Palmater looks like, try this.) It’s in 4 parts, each about 14 minutes long, totalling nearly an hour. If you don’t have time and want to skip to a summary, start at 3:48 of part 4, which says:

  • the Conservative plan is to:
    • change the legislation
    • assimilate the natives (get rid of the ‘indian problem’)
    • repeal the indian act
    • cut funding
  • Palmater recommends that we:
    • coordinate a response
    • start a revolution, not by consensus, but by knowledgeable, secure, brave people
    • lead and inspire
    • inform
  • the bad news:
    • no time
    • must act now, and must act united
  • the message:
    • our lands are not for sale
    • our people are not to be imprisoned
    • our children are not to be stolen
    • we should be the first to benefit, not the last
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2 Responses to Notes On Her ‘Idle No More’ Presentation by Dr. Pamela Palmater

  1. Shelley Essaunce says:

    Miigwech Peter. I think it’s helpful to have the ‘coles’ version of the bigger picture for most folks. Again you are in a teaching mode. Miigwech. I hope there are others in your circle who are willing to hear this summary.

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