if that dinosaur hadn’t existed aeons ago
if that star hadn’t exploded
if that density wave had failed to gather the dust
where would i be?
where will you be,
all these aeons ahead,
speaking another language,
probably not knowing me
but being me just as i am–
as we are–
in the dinosaur, the star, the wave
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2 Responses to necessity

  1. Cynthia says:

    Peter, I love this! Did you write it? Can I use it? When you write things you need to identify it as your own so people can give credit and if it isn’t yours it would be lovely to know who’s it is!

    • thanks! yes, it’s mine, and yes, you can use it.

      i took your advice and added my initials.

      i also changed the ending a tiny bit, to make it a little clearer.

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