‘global disaster’

elizabeth may says in parliament, ‘Mr. Speaker, we are on a collision course to global disaster with a dangerous disconnect between the political timetable and what science is warning us is a rapidly closing window to avoid runaway global warming. Scientists warn us that everything is speeding up from what they anticipated. Arctic ice is melting faster, permafrost is melting and sea levels are rising. At the same time, we are watching the glaciers in retreat while fires and droughts are on the rise. In Copenhagen, and again just last week in Doha, Canada committed to a process that will not take legal force until 2020. However, science warns us that if we do not ensure that greenhouse gas levels stop rising and begin to fall by 2015, not just here in Canada but also globally, it will be too late to take action. The time is now to move from rhetoric to action and recommit to Kyoto, which in five days we will have legally exited.’ Take action! Sign the petition at http://keepkyoto.ca.

Hawksley-Image1-682x1024On a cheerier note (it’s all about good cheer this time of the year), we drove to Toronto (2012-12-12), ate East Indian at By The Way, and listened to Hawksley Workman and Mr Lonely at Trinity-St Paul’s United Church on Bloor West. pavlovs-dogs-handbell-ensembleThe Pavlov’s Dogs Handbell Ensemble opened with four tunes–two xmas carols and two by some Canadian composer–meaning Hawksley. Hawksley, on lead vocals and guitar, and Mr Lonely, on backing vocals and keys, did two sets and were joined by two others on pedal steel, vocals, and guitar for the encore. The weather held and we got there and back safe and sound (the snow only appeared in this neck of the woods; otherwise, the land was brown and ochre). you had to be there, which got me thinking about the immediacy of the moment.

Karma_Christmas_Cheer-01the next night (2012-12-13) we went to karma’s Christmas Cheer, which featured a panel of farmers on food security and russ christianson from the ontario co-op association on karma becoming a co-op. later, we watched How the Earth Changed History on tvo where iain stewart presented fire. russ said a bunch of prescient things, including something like, times will get tougher which makes co-operation all the more important.

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