after the solstice

mike-nickersonWith the coming longer days–Mike Nickerson writes–‘we might hold it to represent humanity’s inevitable shift in goals from the growth objective of our long collective childhood and adolescence, to one of responsible stewardship. When we acknowledge that our Earth is finite and accept responsibility for living within those limits, the human family will have come of age.  Thinking of this as we complete the decent into darkness and begin emerging toward the new year, we can nudge our society in that direction.’ Want to catch up? Try these!

iain-stewartHe’s back, explaining how the Earth changed history, many solstices past, many to go. Actually, it’s a re-run. We’ve seen it before, but there’s always something new to learn. Last night (2012-12-09) Prof Iain Stewart took us into deserts and monsoons and glaciers (pronounced GLAY-ciers), into the sky and underground, to follow how control of water meant–and still means–control of civilizations. Tonight: from deep under the Earth come metals!

As Stewart has shown us and as droughts and floods and super-storms and tsunamis and lowering lake levels hammer home, water dictates humanity’s very existence. The ice melts and the oceans rise and the storms swell to a new ferocity. We see that the old emperor is naked. We need new leaders. We need a global power shift:

The Power of a Movement


Is there such a thing as vegan suet? How can you avoid hardening of the arteries? This conversation from over 7 years ago gets more and more fascinating–

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