the fossil awards ranks canada as the worst performer in the developed world on climate change. trailed only by Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia in the 2013 climate change performance index, canada ‘fell to 58th place out of 61 countries analyzed for their policies and action on climate change this year…. The annual Climate Change Performance Index is released by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe and is based on an analysis of government climate policy in each country.’

vanier1-by-?-from-van-sunvanier writes,  ‘Each one of us is called to bridge the gap between the capable, rich person within us and the broken and fearful person who is also in us but whom we hide away. That means that those of us who have power, capacities, and wealth allow ourselves in small or big ways to be pruned, to be called from fear and egoism to love and truth, to share our lives with those who have no hope.’

hawksley is in australia and writes, ‘where i’m from it’ll be snowing.  the bears will be at rest.  the chickadees will sing their winter song. cars will be stuck in driveways, and neighbours will help push them out.  chimney smoke will breathe into crisp blue skies.  the fox will forge and deer will nibble the last of the buds.  the huts will cover the lakes. where i’m from it’ll be snowing and cold…  but i’ll be down where the summer is alive and the waves are licking the shore.’

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2 Responses to the fossil awards

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hey there on this icy Monday morning. Ironic that the teachers are scheduling picket lines and there are buses cancelled due to the weather. I realize Canada is not doing well ecologically but my question is how do we as individuals counter corporate greed and need to pollute? I suppose we could boycott the products produced. As I drive to Toronto, alone in my car, I see how many of us drive alone. I try to take the train when I can but there are some exceptions. This week I will complete two papers and email them so the environment is saved from my exhaust! Yippeee…

  2. i guess we are what we are. life is like a library: there’s way more even on one shelf than you could read in a lifetime even if you read like a fiend. but what do you do when you’re not reading? i like to think that boycotting SA products helped in a small, teeny tiny way to end apartheid. seems a lot of people died cuz they were branded as heretics or heathens of some sort, but that didn’t stop jesus. speak your truth, which i know you do. that sounds cheesy. but what else can you do?

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