eatinganimalswhy do humans treat animals at factory farms and slaughterhouses this way? are we brutal, even sadistic? there are sadists at slaughterhouses, feor writes, ‘but i never met such a person. the people i met … were doing their best in an impossible situation. the responsibility lies with the mentality of the meat industry that treats both animals and “human capital” like machines.’

although feor himself is a vegetarian, he knows most of us aren’t, and he promotes ‘ethical consumerism, conscientious consumption’, for he believes in the basic goodness of human nature. being human means we have a conscience; yet ‘to accept the factory farm,’ feor writes, ‘feels inhuman.’ (image credit: SqueakyMarmot/Flickr)

how we respond to factory farming is how we respond to anything: with cruelty or with compassion? my experience has been that most people individually are compassionate–we want to do the right thing.

but in certain groups, compassion gets in the way: armies, drug cartels, factory farms and slaughterhouses. why? feor concludes that ‘human beings cannot be human (much less humane) under the conditions of a factory farm or slaughterhouse.’

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