what’s the buzz?

BREAKING NEWS! ‘Government OK’s foreign bids for Nexen, Progress Energy’ with china. warning! i got the details not from cbc news but from rick mercer.

suzuki-by-Holger-Motzkau-from-wpdavid suzuki wonders about the foreign investment promotion and protection agreement (FIPA) with china: ‘Should we sign agreements if they subject our workers to unfair competition from lower-paid employees from investor nations, hinder our ability to protect the environment or give foreign companies and governments excessive control over local policies and valuable resources? Under some agreements, basics like protecting the air, water and land we all need for survival can become difficult and expensive.’

emaythe headline alone sounds ominous: ‘The most damaging things happening to Canada are the things you cannot see’ writes elizabeth may. she’s worried that the arm’s length relationship between the pm’s office and the privy council’s office isn’t so arm’s length anymore. she worries: ‘If I am right, the situation is very dangerous.’ is this the canary in the coalmine?

before getting the buzz on the mercer report, we watched so-called green products get a lousy label on marketplace. the top ten list included products from dawn, j-cloth, raid, t-fal. basically, they can mis-label and mis-lead, causing you to do a ton of work. but hey, there was a time when peanut butter didn’t have to have a lot of peanuts, or some cars were unsafe at any speed. still, exercise caution using buzzwords such as ‘biodegradable’ (compostable is better cuz it’s intended for your green bin).

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