land grab


  • what? arable land
  • where? africa
  • when? now, especially post-2008
  • why-povertyhow? any means of intimidation, including tear-gas and beatings, bulldozers and backhoes
  • who? activists and local farmers of many generations versus western-educated government officials and foreign investors from america and europe
  • why? greed, i’d say. in 2008, world-wide food prices soared. coupled with changing climate, peaking oil, crashing fisheries, and dwindling freshwater, it’s not just a land grab, it’s war. in fact, in mali–the main country of this documentary–this year (2012), where they’ve been working for ten years to set up a huge sugarcanesugarcane operation (sugarcane, the world’s largest crop, is not native to africa), there was a coup. we watched ‘land rush‘ tonight (2012-12-05). the trailer’s online, part of TVO’S Why Poverty? series. following the coup, sugarcane plans stopped. or have they been simply deterred?
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