shit-pileeatinganimalseveryone shits. i do. the queen does. so does a bacterium (in bacterial sort of way). it’s a fact of life. it’s basic input/output. we have to eat. we have to shit. but we humans have learned to manage our shit. there was a time we didn’t, though. at first, we didn’t have to; however, as we became more populous that became a problem. but we figured it out. that’s why we have sewers and the like. why don’t we apply what we learned to the animals we eat? we are responsible for them, from birth to death, and everything in between: their feeding, their sleeping, their sex. but hardly their shit. historically, we externalized that disposal cost. but there are so many of us and we eat so much of them that the land won’t take it anymore and the animals we eat shit in their shit and the shit piles up. it overflows and it seeps. that’s a problem we have to figure out.

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