alan watts on music and life

wattsalan watts on music and life, two versions:

in his review of books on happiness, he says there are two types:

  1. change the world
  2. change yourself

but happiness involves

  1. accepting the world
  2. accepting yourself

Dharma_Wheel.svgthese are the first two spokes of the dharma wheel–right view [of the world] and right intention [of self] , and they are like the two great commandments of jesus–love your god/dess, love your neighbour as yourself.

‘but that’s not what i came to speak to you today about.’ i came to speak about the unknown. it’s certain i’ll die, i just don’t know when. or how. i may die in a way i fear:  i could drown, or fall, or be tortured, or be locked in, unknown but fearful. however, my experience so far is that physical pain is transitory–maybe i’ve been fortunate so far but i believe too that things change. but even more than the manner of death, isn’t it worse to die alone? i mean all alone? both my parents died at home, in bed; my father died with his dog at his side while my stepmother was at work; my mother died with family around. however, death itself, as far as we know, is something we each do alone, no matter whose at your side. it’s been going in for billions of years, it’s happened billions of time, it’s totally natural, which i find eases my mind somewhat; still, i find the watts videos more comforting. funnier, at least.

Billy-Connolly-Journey-by-itv-from-guardiansue is by my side tonight. we watched billy connelly on the final leg of his journey through the north-west passage, through bc. it’s  hard and rough (though we hardly saw that), but the people are happy.

why-povertyafter billy connolly we watched ‘landlords‘, a short doc about at home, ‘an ambitious national social experiment studying the impact of housing on homeless  people with mental health issues.  We follow one of the dedicated social workers whose job it is to find apartments for some of the hard-core homeless. This is an exclusive peek at one chapter of the story being followed by the National Film Board’ in toronto, part of TVO’S why poverty? series, which offers many docs online.

Sarah-Slean-with-Symphony-Nova-Scotia-2012-04-13canada live presented a marvelous concert ‘Sarah Slean with Symphony Nova Scotia’. you can watch them perform ‘parasol’ (though you might think, as did i, that it’s called ‘virginia’)

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