‘remember the land’

why-povertywttwtonight, 10pm on tvo, Welcome To The World ‘explores the lottery of birth. Where you are born can affect your chance of surviving into childhood, particularly in countries like Cambodia and Sierra Leone.’ part of the why poverty? series.

rtlmeanwhile, in this 11 minute video from kairos we find out that ‘Canada is home to 75% of the world’s mining and exploration companies. Canadian stock exchanges raise 40% of all mineral exploration capital worldwide. In May 2011, 150 people –church leaders and grass roots activists– from around the world gathered in Toronto to consider the impact of Canadian mining in their communities. Remember the Land is the story of that gathering — the story of peoples from the Global South who are engaged in struggles in protect the land that they know and love; the land that sustains them materially, culturally and spiritually; the land that has its own deep, inherent worth.’

r-CANADA-CHINA-FIPA-large570matthew carroll of leadnow writes ‘The more we learn about the Canada-China investors deal, FIPA, the more concerning it becomes. Jamie and Emma just published some research we’ve been working on for the last few weeks. It reveals a multi-billion dollar web of law firms involved in investor-state arbitration – the mechanism by which China’s companies could sue Canadian governments in secret tribunals under FIPA. Many of those same lawyers are commenting publicly, telling us not to worry about FIPA. And, in the media’s efforts to appear balanced, they’re giving significant weight to these pro-FIPA voices. What isn’t made clear to readers is these experts’ apparent personal financial interests in FIPA passing, because of the millions of dollars in business FIPA could create for their firms… http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2012/11/30/FIPA-Profits-For-Lawyers/.’

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