foer’s motivation–part two: locked doors

eatinganimalsfoer, at night, steals into a turkey farm factory and encounters locked doors. why are the doors locked? he gives reasons why they shouldn’t be, but none why they are, so we are left to speculate. foer writes, ‘in the three years i will spend immersed in animal agriculture, nothing will unsettle me more than the doors locked. nothing will better capture the whole sad business of factory farming. and nothing will more strongly convince me to write this book.’

foer’s midnight guide to the turkey farm, c, who is forced to euthanize dying turkeys, writes: ‘an excruciating life is worse than an excruciating death.’

Turkeyswhy are the doors locked? turkeys can’t even open doors, let alone unlock them. that leaves the guard dogs and the humans. scratch the dogs. and you don’t lock doors against owners and employees. thieves? hardly. it’s really hard to steal a truckload of turkeys. paranoia. shame. cruelty. doors are closed to hide the truth and locked to keep them closed. foer’s grandmother nearly died in world war two for the truth. he’s raising his son in the truth. his gift to his son, his family, to the world, are words and ideas and truth. perhaps if people knew the truth. ‘the power brokers of factory farming know that their business model depends on consumers not being able to see what they do.’ however, if someone stole into the operation and got past the doors locked and wrote about it….

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