what’s a negawatt?

negawatt-cfl-earthnot a megawatt, but a negawatt.

it’s the energy you SAVE rather than the energy you USE, for the same amount of work.

in other words, it’s a measure of efficiency. and efficiency means cleaner air.

in other words, it’s a measure of money you get to keep. and that means a fatter wallet.

in other words (wikipedia’s), people ‘don’t want kilowatt-hours of electricity; they want energy services such as hot showers, cold beer, lit rooms, and spinning shafts, which can come more cheaply if electricity is used more efficiently.’ and cold beer means, umm, cold beer.

cleaner air, fatter wallet, colder beer. unless you’re heavily into coal or oil, it’s a win-win.

the negawatts blog invites you to ‘join the revolution by reducing your power consumption, saving money on your power bill, protecting equipment, and being kind to the environment…. Creating your own negawatts means a lower power bill. Less power use also means less fossil fuels being consumed and less greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.’

where can you get negawatts? and when? right now, in your very own home. here are some easy, cheap, immediate things you can do to improve your chances of cleaner air, a fatter wallet, and colder beer:

  1. eliminate drafts. plug up those holes.
  2. eliminate phantom power. plug into a power bar and use it.
  3. use off-peak electricity. consult you electricity provider.
  4. increase the insulation. pile it on.
  5. upgrade your windows. double or triple glaze.
  6. stop leaky faucets. no more drip-drip-drip.
  7. turn down the thermostat. turn up the sweaters.
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One Response to what’s a negawatt?

  1. shelleyshell says:

    Good suggestions!

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