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GPS_application_deadline350’s new campaign is called ‘global power shift”–gps for short. the deadline is nearby.


Pam-WarhurstTED TALK: Pam Warhurst of the town of todmorden in england–‘How we can eat our landscapes


gmo_foodshave you seen ‘Genetic Roulette‘?


omnibus_billanother omnibus bill? elizabeth may has a few words. so does rick mercer.



this farmland almost became a mega-quarry had citizens not spoken up

david suzuki (with jode roberts), in ‘Mega-quarry victory shows people have the power’, celebrates ‘the power that we, as citizens, have to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to protect the environment’ and notes citizen protest has worked many times before, for example, in the stein valley, on ‘Haida Gwaii, prevented giant dams from being built in northern Quebec and halted highway projects that, if established, would have wiped-out historical neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto and Vancouver.’ he cautions the federal government to pay attention to its citizenry: ‘Canada’s political and corporate leaders should take note. Controversial megaprojects like the Northern Gateway Pipeline are being met with increasing criticism and public opposition.’


shave?do you shave? did you stop shaving during november? now that it’s nearly over, here are some shaving tips and info, from environmental defence  (plus what the go green guy uses):

When it comes to toxins, they don’t discriminate when it comes to personal care products for men or women. Our recently released report The Manscape: The Dirt on Toxic Ingredients in Men’s Body Care Products found ingredients with links to cancer, birth defects, sperm damage, obesity, asthma and other chronic health problems in commonly used men’s body care products like shaving cream, deodorant, shampoo and aftershave. Yikes!

So, how can a guy protect his health and still look and smell good at the same time? Well, first of all, you can take Environmental Defence’s personal care products shopping guide with you when you go to the store. This guide lists the “Toxic Ten” ingredients to avoid.

You can consider buying products from companies that have taken the Just Beautiful pledge. These companies offer safer alternatives.

And here are some more eco-friendly tips by Ecoholic author Adria Vasil:

  1. Swap the shaving cream for shaving oil: you will only need a few drops and you won’t have any razor burn or nicks. To make DIY shaving oil, buy a bottle of organic jojoba oil for the health store and shave with a few drops. You can also use straight olive oil or organic grapeseed oil.
  2. Say no to the ‘poo – shampoo that is: More people (guys and girls alike!) are forgoing shampoo and instead are using regular old baking soda and vinegar to clean their luscious locks. Just mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 2 cups of warm water, pour the mixture into an old shampoo bottle and use like shampoo. For conditioner, same idea but instead mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water.
  3. Natural smells good: colognes and aftershaves could contain hidden toxins. It’s best to play it safe and go fragrance-free or, alternatively, make sure you pick products that get their aroma from essential oils and other natural sources.

… You can take action to help get toxic ingredients out of body care products in Canada.

when shaving, the go green guy uses all-natural eco-armour.

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