the white stuff!

wrote this a few days ago, but i forgot about it; oh well, better late than never…. publish!

it snowed. the world is clean again. we used to have jubilee years when we forgave debts and wiped the slate clean. too bad we no longer let it snow in our hearts. we could all use a little emotional cleansing, by ourselves and by others, now and then. (image uncredited from

talk about snow, talk about cleansing, why do people like nhl star jordin tootoo keep returning to the land in the arctic? (image by dan4th from wikipedia)

winter may be here. there’s snow to shovel and ice to slip on but that doesn’t stop kids from playing outdoors, whatever the age. (image of winter in argentina by hugo pujszo from wikipedia)

speaking of snow, what do you know about nunavut, where jordin tootoo is from? billy connolly went there on his transit of the north-west passage. i had friends over this morning who used to live there but i’ve never been too far north, so i know just about zilch. wade davis, the anthropologist, narrates stories of resourcefulness. let’s hope so, because we in the south ship stuff we don’t want and it ends up polluting the land and melting the ice.

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One Response to the white stuff!

  1. Shelley Essaunce says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Peter.

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