the connected planet

my mother, before she died, quilted ocean, land, air, mountain, sun, tree, and animal scenes on a blanket that hangs in our livingroom. hanging in our kitchen is a poster of the connected planet. how connected? like a baby tied to the placenta, very. when in the womb, we are connected by the umbilical cord, for food, for water, for oxygen. at birth we begin to breathe the air. we get our oxygen from the air. our food and water from either the teat or the bottle. as we grow older we move into the kitchen. our water comes from the tap, the well, or the bottle; our food from the cupboard, the fridge, the store. but where does it really come from? do you care? of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far. we grow older but less connected. we can deny it (though who would?) or ignore it (most do); nevertheless, we are connected. do we need a poster to remind us?

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