‘The value of efficiency, power, money and pleasure have become all-important in our world today. They tend to eliminate the values of compassion, humility and presence to the powerless. The mass media nourish and encourage this vision rooted in force, in which exteriority and appearance are more important than interiority and being. We constantly need people to remind us of where true inner freedom and peace are to be found.’–vanier, image from the vancouver sun

tonight we watched the rick mercer report, this hour has 22 minutes., a fascinating doc on stats–the joy of stats with hans rosling (for example, although my mother was a nurse and i lived for over two years in hospitals, i did not know that florence nightingale was a statistician and that one of her greatest triumphs was making tedious tables of data of mortality in the crimea war appealingly and colourfully visual, making the information instantaneous; and even though computers and the internet enable us to have huge amounts of data at our fingertips, it’s pretty well meaningless without pretty pictures–which are more than pretty). on journey to the edge of the world, billy connolly travels to the western arctic, to dawson city, and down the dempster highway. his journey is easy, enabled by climate change and technology and a willingness to adapt to local conditions, but he encounters some of the graves of those before the arctic started to thaw, before we had satellites in space, before we learned to be adaptable. rosling image from tvo; mortality graphic by nightingale from wikipedia; connolly image from itv

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