new (?) stuff

here‘s something new: ‘Discovering the Quantum Universe–Right now is a time of radical change in particle physics. Recent experimental evidence demands a revolutionary new vision of the universe. Discoveries are at hand that will stretch the imagination with new forms of matter, new forces of nature, new dimensions of space and time. Breakthroughs will come from the next generation of particle accelerators — the Large Hadron Collider, now under construction in Europe, and the proposed International Linear Collider. Experiments at these accelerators will revolutionize your concept of the universe. ‘ yep, my universe needs revolutionizing. (image from bipolarbatesy)

meanwhile, in this corner of the universe, we  have the newest of the new of the news, just for you. the cbc reports that ‘the application to build a massive limestone quarry in Melancthon township near Orangeville, Ont., has been withdrawn. The Highland Companies, the company behind the proposal, said in a news release that it acknowledges “the application does not have sufficient support from the community and government to justify proceeding with the approval process.” ‘ (image by lynda poulter from wikipedia)

also, elizabeth may reports that ‘Quebec’s decision to impose a moratorium on all oil and gas exploration activities in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence…was made by elected officials and with overwhelming support in the population. Every Quebecer still had the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in mind.’ (image by karen fox from wikipedia)

here’s a new interpretation of an old chestnut. i agree with tom allen, this is the most beautiful version of this song. really haunting. the composer killed himself. this is sung years later by his daughter.

speaking of new, why not make something last forever and use it once? like plastic? we watched the award-winning the clean bin project (again, cuz last time it stopped working with five minutes to go), plus the special features, which were really good, including frequent questions (which answered ours) and the top ten things you can do–just pick one thing, do it until it becomes habit, and move on to the next. (over 2500 years ago lao tzu said, ‘a thousand mile journey begins with one step.’) we looked at our landfill garbage and picked the plastic window that comes with the pasta box (though the biggest component are the plastic bags of dog feces, but what else can you do about poop’n’scoop? any ideas?). simple, eh? totally useless! (so is the cardboard box–can’t eat that either. but the plastic never returns to carbon and hydrogen etc–it just gets smaller until it becomes molecular plastic, whereas the cardboard box, theoretically, decomposes to atoms.) we eat a lot of pasta. can we get pasta without this plastic window? maybe in bulk? what then about plastic bags at the bulk food place? see how it’s all connected? okay, stay focused: plastic windows on pasta boxes. our solution? stay tuned…. (image of grant and jen from the clean bin project; image of pasta by travis k witt from wikipedia)

some things never change. sometimes we don’t need new stuff, just reminders. vanier reminds us that ‘people with intellectual disabilities are constant reminders of the value of the heart in a society that tends to exalt competence and efficiency and forget love. The cry for community from people with intellectual disability constantly reminds us that we all need community. While it is true that people with disabilities are called to develop and grow towards greater autonomy, they need above all a whole network of friendships and a community that gives them security and a sense of belonging, awakens each one’s gifts, encourages growth, and develops love and a sense of service.’ (An Ark for the Poor, p.60) (image uncredited from vancouver sun)

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