mayors’ sleepover at Out Of The Cold

wednesday, 2012-11-14

our four local mayors, two deputy mayors and MPP garfield dunlop stay the night at Out Of The Cold (OOTC). folks are invited to drop by from 8-10pm to make donations, or simply to show your support.  OOTC is situated in the basement of knox church on the corner of first and hugel in midland.  we use the first street entrance (next to the fire escape). (poster by karen mealing)

life is long. how long? almost 3 billion years down, maybe another few billion to go. and that’s only on earth, early 21st century western science reckoning. my life is short. another 60 years tops. more likely 20 or 30. or it could be over sooner, even tonight. after that, who knows? decades, centuries of mystics and sages all say some variation of the golden rule, such as love your neighbour as yourself, and if you’re so inclined, love god/dess too. even if you’re not so inclined, you might do well to align yourself with the workings of the universe, as far as we understand it. and whatever we don’t understand is mystery (paradox) and cosmic laughter (humour). (photo by manuel werner from wikipedia)

got a keyboard. electric but very analog. let’s see if i remember how to use it. allows me to put theory into practice, starting  dimbb7 chords (like b-d-f-ab. or c-eb-gb-bbb[a]. or c#-e-g-bb?). good brain work. good hand work too.


watched this, semi-randomly

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One Response to mayors’ sleepover at Out Of The Cold

  1. Cynthia says:

    Yayyyy mayors! Good work for all…

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