‘Turn Your Love Around’

monday, 2012-11-12

Turn Your Love Around“–‘montreal pop band TOPS don’t appear in this charming video; instead, the camera is trained on a dance class for deaf youths, who don’t let their lack of hearing hold them back.’

richard carlson, phd, wrote don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff) but he found some big stuff and of course wrote a book, what about the big stuff?  turns out the big stuff in 2002 to folks is stuff like mortgages, death, etc. timeless concerns. tho he has a phd, he claims no expertise. in fact, only you yourself can know how your healing is. he counsels the same stuff i’ve been reading and writing about. and he says humour is the best thing for dealing with the big stuff. he died in 2007 at 45. no sweat. (image from wikipedia, uncredited)

listening to Christine Tassan Et Les Imposteures on canada live! play gypsy jazz. (image uncredited)


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