death is good

saturday, 2012-11-10

death is good. it keeps you real. since you’re blest with the ability to think of the future, what’s in your future? besides taxes. death. but before that, you got living to do. although bennett calls it ‘frick’n annoying’ and a ‘tad bit depressing’, she admits that ‘an awareness of death leads to more conscious decisions in the way you live life,… makes you reflect on what you care about, and encourages you to ensure your actions reflect that care.’ death is the great equalizer. it doesn’t matter if you’re bill gates or homeless, you’re gonna die. but before that, might as well make the most of it. as stephen wells, who has ALS and communicates with eye-tracking software yet is a stock-trader, says, life is a one-way ticket. even after you die you may be remembered. in this short, amusing video, chilly gonzales remembers glenn gould, who famously remembered bach. but ‘even memory is not necessary,’ writes thornton wilder. ‘there is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.’ who remembers lullabies from long ago? (photo of gould by don hunstein; photo of gonzales and etching of bach uncredited)

you gotta love technology. my ex and her partner picked me up to go to the movies to see skyfall, but we couldn’t get in, so we went to their place where the big debate was do we watch a movie on the honkin’ flat-screen upstairs or do we watch a movie on the honkin’ flat-screen downstairs. upstairs is hooked up to netflix; downstairs has the comfy couch. but first talk to daughter number one in kingston while she made dinner; talked to her via an iphone. daughter number two is hopefully keeping warm in my old down sleeping bag and a yoga mat and layers of blankets and woolies camping near omemee; didn’t talk to her at all.back to the movie, technology won over comfort (not that that’s symbolic) and we watched a very fictitious the last legion which gave me some time to reflect on technology and death. lotta remorseless death in that movie–didja notice or are we numb? (still of aishwarya rai and colin firth from the last legion)

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