something’s fishy

but it’s not the fish.

friday, 2012-11-09

today, the cohen commission published its report on the future of wild salmon. among other things, wild salmon are in trouble from dams and fish farms. we know now salmon are part of the web of life even deep in the forest. where ‘healthy salmon populations are crucial for many other species, including trees, bears,… and eagles.’ and we disrupt that? that’s scary. but it’s what we don’t know that’s even scarier. to lessen the scariness, the report makes 75 recommendations that could ‘make Canada a world leader in salmon management, supporting fisheries and other salmon-dependent communities.’ the david suzuki foundation helped create the report and supports it. suzuki says, ‘Now the real work must begin. Make sure that the federal government acts now to help rebuild Pacific salmon for the benefit of all. Tell your MP and the Prime Minister you want to see these recommendations put into action.’ if you support these findings, say so here. (image from the david suzuki foundation, photo by darren kirby)

what is really real? i have a brain injury but not brain damage. david suzuki says conventional economics, with its externalities as if you could discount something real, is a form of brain damage. it’s so 19th century. but this is the 21st century. physics has kept up with the times, to boldly go where no-one has gone before. why haven’t conventional economics and our politicians? it’s unreal, not me.

more fishiness. leadnow reports that prime minister harper did not ratify FIPA last week, yet it remains a secretive and extreme deal which threatens to undermine our democracy, environment, and economy. so what can we do now? leadnow offers these ways to do something: ‘1. Help spread the facts about FIPA online as part of our amplify network. We’ll send you key content to share using social media or email. Click HERE to volunteer to share the facts about FIPA online. 2. Help counter misinformation in traditional media. We’ll send you info on how to write to your local paper and call in to key talk radio shows. Click HERE to volunteer to spread the facts about FIPA in traditional media. 3. Take action in your community – deliver a powerful counter-spin document to Conservative MP offices or spread the word in your community with posters and other materials. Click HERE to volunteer to spread the word offline in your community. Want to learn more before you volunteer? Head to our new microsite – – to learn the facts about FIPA, and what you can do next to get the word out. Whether you have two minutes, two hours, or two days to spare, we have tools and actions you can plug into.’ (photo by elliott barker)

meanwhile, there’s a whole world to clean up. india got you worried? the middle east? me too. good thing we got friends in high places all over. (image from

we watched a show on the fifth estate about elephants in zoos. (there’s a ton of stuff here.)  i thought he was dead. bob barker. but no. he’s been using his wealth and fame to get elephants out of prison-like conditions in zoos and into sanctuaries like PAWS in california. the toronto metro zoo is one of the last holdouts, with three elephants in captivity. ugghh. (image from the african wildlife foundation, photo by craig r sholley)

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