fippa demonstration

the mirror published the photo by elliott barker but not the words. so, here are the words:

On Saturday, a Tiny Township Halloween protest display found its way to Simcoe North MP, Bruce Stanton’s Midland office to protest FIPPA.

What is FIPPA (or FIPA)? It’s the ‘Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act‘, Canada’s biggest trade agreement since NAFTA, but most Canadians haven’t heard much about it.  Since the Harper government voted down an MP request to hold parliamentary debate about its contents, Canadians won’t learn details of the proposed law that way.

The Hallowe’en display was created as a contribution to the country-wide citizen response to the Harper government’s plan to sign the Canada-China FIPPA into law as soon as possible. Among other concerns, details suggest that the trade agreement would put foreign financial return above protecting our environment, and would put Canadian taxpayers at financial risk for lawsuits for decades to come.

The Hallowe’en spoof set up a renamed House of Commons with benches of pumpkins as cabinet members and backbenchers all looking like clones of the PM. It’s ‘Harper’s House of Horrors’ for citizens concerned about FIPPA and the erosion of transparency and true democratic debate in the current government of Canada. (Story by Peter Ladage; photos by Elliott Barker.) -30-

Peter Ladage (seated) 527-0922

Julie Barker (standing, left) 526-0740

Peter Stubbins (standing, right)  533-3475

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