thursday, 2012-11-08

went to barrie. wrapped it up with dr m for the season. she recommended me having an fmri every three years, a kind of check up. i tried to remember three things; i eventually did:

  1. why do i forget things? is it a-d-d? early onset of dementia or alzheimer’s? or my b-i? will it likely get worse, or am as forgetful as i’m gonna get? she said i don’t show associated symptoms of a-d-d, etc; it’s likely my b-i but not likely to get worse; however, an fmri every 3 yrs will reveal any new damage.
  2. are emotions truly faster than thoughts? [she said yes.] if so, are there techniques for not feeling so blue? [no.] i want to avoid doing something drastic [feeling blue for a short time is normal, not drastic; i’m on the right path.]
  3. right now, i seem to prefer non-fiction to fiction; specifically, i couldn’t get into the golden mean by annabel lyon. she said something like interests change.

we talked of many things; i came away feeling good.

afterwards on this sunny but cold day we walked/rolled to casa cappuccino. later i went for a trike ride but cuz it’s cold i didn’t stay out too long.

canada live featured blue rodeo and friends in concert celebrating blue rodeo’s 25 years of creative joy.

we watched docs on the demise of the red squirrel, native to britain, under onslaught of the invasive grey squirrel and another on gossip, now spread instantaneously and globally via the internet. is this still a good thing? was it ever?

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2 Responses to barrie-bound

  1. Cynthia says:

    Awesome Peter, we all have blue days and then have red days… it is all in a days work! You keep the faith and keep up with the reading and the thoughts… Love to read it. C

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