can’t find stuff

wednesday, 2012-11-07

can’t find stuff, like emails i sent or pictures i worked on. oh well. plan b. can’t find plan b? double oh well.

now the internet radio doesn’t make sense. sounds good, tho. my partner says to just go with the flow.

elliott carter, one of america’s most distinguished composers, died on the weekend at 103. his one opera, what next?, ‘made its staged premiere in July of 2006. it comments wryly on the human condition as its six characters, unhurt but confused, confront the aftermath of an auto accident.’ sounds like my kind of my opera. i often wonder what next, probably too much.

i play chess to keep my brain active and to engage socially. sometimes i see things but they don’t happen. sometimes i don’t see things but they do happen. mysterious. sometimes chess is a reasonable metaphor for life. but not for everything. i’ve started a new blog how. maybe i’ll capture why too.

biology 101. photosynthesis is the basis for all life  (except for the ecology of tube worms at the bottom of the sea) as we know it. it converts the sun’s energy into two things we need on earth: oxygen and sugar. using the energy in the sun’s photons, it takes water and the carbon in carbon dioxide and makes glucose (sugar), leaving oxygen as a waste, a leftover. we complete the cycle by turning the oxygen and sugar back into carbon dioxide and water. think of that next time you’re in a meeting and you spy a potted plant in the corner. that’s no mere decoration. that plant is hard at work, making stuff you need, like food and air.

joni mitchell turns 69 today.

tonight, i died, went to heaven, and saw django. actually, it was stéphane tellier of the trio les guitares nomades, who we saw tonight at the mcc. the trio is tellier, alexandre éthier, and dan livingstone. i first heard tellier doing django in the amazing the triplets of belleville. (if you haven’t seen it, i insist you do so right now.) django died before i was born, and i almost missed seeing and hearing les guitares nomades. sure, i can catch them via the internet on youtube, but its still ephemeral.

heard a couple of funnies today. the first is of a guy who stole hundreds of dollars of lobsters to support his drug addiction; he was caught and is now doing time, where hopefully he’s reconsidering his shellfish ways. the second is of dan livingston of les guitares nomades, who said of fellow trioista tellier’s foot, ‘i’m gonna buy some crazy glue and glue that foot to the floor.’ you had to be there.

oh, and a third thing (cuz things come in threes)–from the how-much-egg-is-on-my-face dept: i was chatting at the concert with an old friend and she asked me if i had had a tour. not yet, had she? i forgot she was the architect.

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