compost as metaphor

in my search for a compost image, i came across this by patti: ‘For whatever reason, I was thinking about compost and how amazing it is. We can either simply discard our waste, because we don’t want to deal with it or we can intentionally take it through a process. The process includes taking rotten things, undesirables, and over time, turning them into fertilizer that will aid in the growth of something else.

We, as living beings, experience rotten things; pain, grief, fear, shame, etc. In many cases, we simple try to discard these feelings and rid ourselves of them because we see them as undesirable. But, if we were to treat these feelings like compost, holding them over time and even giving them a stir once in a while, this process will result in our personal growth. The so-called “rotten stuff” is really the fertilizer for each of us to grow our unique gift to be shared with others.’

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3 Responses to compost as metaphor

  1. Cynthia says:

    Wow Peter, that is so wonderful and an amazing metaphor. Can I use it? I love it. I compost my feelings all the time and they do fertilize my life! Great action! Thanks

  2. suehirst says:

    How true! Great comparison.

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