we are like mushrooms

we are like mushrooms
for we appear to be individuals
but really, deep down, we are part of one another
our atoms have been around for billions of years
we think we are a flash in the pan
but we forget our eternity, our divinity
in loving
we serve god, life, and self
my task, then, is to re-member
to strive
like a mushroom
before re-joining
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3 Responses to we are like mushrooms

  1. Cynthia says:

    This is an interesting poem… “like mushrooms” most think when we are like mushrooms we grow in s**t and are kept in the dark.. so I find this way of relating to be foreign. My other question would be ask people, “what does it mean to be in touch with the divine in a world without church?”

    • int’resting. i didn’t think of s**t and darkness when i wrote the poem, but now they’re associated. hmmm, a world without church. is that like john lennon asking us to imagine a world without religion?

  2. Kim christie says:

    I would go to the church of mycelium and expand
    for my cells to heal in the chapel of mama’s matrix
    see paul stamets on Ted Talks

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