Review of Fresh!

We gathered to watch Fresh! at Chigamik on Oct. 20th, Saturday night, followed by a circle where the presenter challenged each of us, like Will Allen in the film (that’s him on the right; he grew up in farming but went to college and into business and pro sports, until one day in Europe he reconnected with his past; now he connects urbanites to farming), to do something inspired by the film: ●I said I’d write ●Harold, who once ate dandelions as a POW, teaches farming ●We shared where to get local, free range eggs and meat ●Some of us sprout or eat raw foods (like the rest of life)–higher nutritionally, lower emissionally ●Found out Larry’s a vegan; hope he comes to Forks Over Knives ●Rosemary is studying homeopathy and plans to practise when she retires ●Heidi’s name came up a few times as a future farmer; Corinna’s daughter too loves farming.

Here are a few ideas from the film: ●Is there anything better asks a farmer than to see the Morning_Dew_by_Lonely_Enigmabejewelled morning dew? ●Yes, organic food costs more (industrial food’s true costs are subsidized and externalised; we pay for it elsewhere–poorer health and higher healthcare costs or greater military costs to protect our oil, for example–see the link below) but it tastes better and it’s more nutritious src--–purveyors of tasteless ‘food’–sprang up in an adult’s lifetime; the entire food system depends mightily on oil (we so easily forget that less than a hundred years ago everyone ate organic food and less than two hundred years ago there was no oil; the idea is not to go back in time–we can’t–but to go forward and learn from the past) ●Composting builds soil, builds community.

Vanessa Barrington, reviewing the film for Ecosalon, writes that ‘Fresh’s strength is that it shows the incredible creativity of individuals who are devoting their lives to producing food differently. The success of these individuals shows how organic, ecological farming methods can be viable, in contrast to what the naysayers in conventional food say.’ Fresh! is a good film–if you want see it (if you want see it again) you can borrow it from SHARE.

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1 Response to Review of Fresh!

  1. Susan Hirst says:

    Good review! You remember so much of what people say.

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