a short view

really short, like now. not 65 million years from now, not even 65 years from now, but right now.

wright writes well. i imagine he gets up in the morning, chomping at the bit to get writing. why wait? but his excellent craft is only half the story, for his great writing is married to great ideas. ideas we’d do well to hear and heed.

like, ‘if we fail [at this great experiment called ‘civilization’]… nature will merely shrug and conclude that letting the apes run the laboratory was fun for a while but in the end a bad idea.’ i know we gotta make mistakes. afterall, to err is human. but i don’t like failure, so pardon my impatience if we make haste. some of us feel anxious that time is running out. however, the short view is not short-sighted. the writing is on the wall. and in the book….

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