mts–celebrating life

forty-year-old salil chaturyedi learns more ‘about the real meaning of life’ from three-year-old sudiksha, than from all those years of learning and thinking. sudiksha wants to piddle next to rabbits. image by azli jamil.

in the slums of bogota, natali rojas teaches photography to kids as a means of exploring the world and expressing their fears and hopes. she herself explores light and dark, both literally and metaphorically. every morning, first thing, she runs to the window, hoping to catch the dawn among the mountains. though bogata has its differences, ‘everywhere humans eat and sing, dream and hope.’ she wonders: ‘why not share those experiences with others?’ image by hendro hioe.

kusumita pedersen celebrates the mountain and sea, fire and growth, life and death that have always been with her and always will be. ‘what is unexpected about this sense of connection is that as the years pass, the depth, power, and central importance of this experience only continue to grow and grow.’ image by ahmed sharif.

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