mts–at home on earth

in the first story, nobel-laureate dr wangari maathai writes of the ecology of the forest she eventually learned at school, but first experienced its wonder as a child. ‘trees are living symbols of peace and hope,’ she writes, for they are rooted, yet reach ‘to the sky’–a reminder that no matter how successful, no matter how powerful, no matter how awarded we might become, ‘it is from our roots that we draw sustenance.’ image by thomas suryono.

(btw, some of the images here are not those in the book, though they are by the same image-makers.)

elina helander renvall of finland grew up north of the arctic circle, where people are few and reindeer plentiful and supermarkets non-existent. her experiences as a child ‘would forever influence my thinking about the environment and my place in the world.’ image by ville miettinen.

aditi rao grew up in crowded, urban india but worked one summer in rural, almost desolate mexico, ‘another planet’. a few weeks in, she had culture shock big time. yet eventually she realized ‘that it was all okay because, at the end of the day, we are all in this together.’


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