mts–dedication, foreword, & introduction

dedicated to wangari maathai

‘it’s the little things citizens do. that will make the difference. my little thing is planting trees.’wangari maathai

the book starts with a foreword by mary evelyn tucker. it’s short. so is the whole book. short and full of hope. for example, ‘we are realizing now, as never before in human history, that we are part of a great turning community of life, on a magnificent blue-green planet swirling in immense space around a vast star, our sun, which gives off energy for all life. we are now awakening to the fact that we are part of the journey of the universe and members of an earth community. is this not something to marvel at?’

from the universal to the personal. the introduction, by editors lisa marika jokivirta and anna duhon, tells of the hopes of young sustainability leaders of the the earth charter youth leadership team, who were in india. on their first night they shared curry and stories that grew ever more personal as the night deepened–about their families, their everyday lives, their interests in sustainability–a sense of connection. out of that sharing came the idea for this book, a book of text and photographs, a curry of hope and stories ‘of transformative connection’, both personal and universal, to the self, to the earth, and to the universe.

globally, everywhere, humans feel this connection. moments that speak portrays that in words and pictures eloquently, movingly. the earth charter embodies it and carries that hope into the future.

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