2012-10-08 mo–siska made coffee and we chatted, traded stories.

2012-10-07 su–tg dinner with k, l, and x and  tristan, cathy, genesse, leah, and heidi at kerr st.

2012-10-06 sa–k dropped in. ute came over, and introduced me to mihirangi fleming (an amazing loop artist; kt tunstall used loops to great effect to perform black horse and the cherry tree solo. ute also introed skrillex–pass–but i’d heard him before). we talked about the kids, love, and politics, and debated evil. good times. doing ootc work. reading ttk. listening to jeff beck. who has time to sleep?

2012-10-05 fr–peeled tape at mcg with lj.

in the great work, thomas berry writes that we bring a new way of looking at the universe, a new way of understanding it and ourselves. the term ‘cycle’ is ambiguous, for it can mean both endless repetition (represented in geometry by the circle) and ‘similar-but-different’ (represented in geometry by either the spiral or the helix). to me, circular means ‘endless repetition’ (like sysiphus endlessly rolling a stone uphill) and cyclical means ‘similar-but-different’ (like heraclitus never stepping in the same river twice). the old way of understanding us and the universe was circular; it was eternal; it was divine; it evolved, in the sense that things changed in response to a changing environment, but why did they change? even our understanding of divinity and humanity and our place in the universe changed, in part, but there was no around to ask ‘why’. it was a thoughtless, a-historical understanding. the universe had a cosmology, true, but it was an old story and it didn’t really explain ‘why’. then the humans took over and in short order made a mess of everything, but the mess didn’t really explain ‘why’ either. we needed a new story that explained why things happen. that is our culture’s great work. thomas berry called it ‘cosmogenesis’. we are part of that story, for we bring thought, consciousness to it. along with it we bring time and mortality and perhaps creativity. history. big history. now evolution had a purpose.

2012-10-02 tu it’s all about what you eat and the company you keep. really. tonight’s midland community gardens meeting is really social justice in action, with emphasis on both the s and the j. we swapped stories and harvest and ideas

here’s some good news. greenpeace UK reports that ‘Oil giant Total became the first drilling company to come out publicly against Arctic drilling, following great work from our investment team. MPs called for an immediate halt to Arctic drilling, following input and expertise from our campaigners. We brought the emergency in the Arctic to the UN and world media via our Polar Summit in New York, and our scientific voyage to witness the lowest recorded ice cover. Shell and Gazprom put their Arctic drilling plans on hold for this year, after their incompetence and unsafe drilling plans were exposed.’

2012-10-01 mo d’arcy came with family pix, a chess set, and stories. siska had stories of late-night parenting. deanna had stories of expensive yet worthwhile parenting. sue’s having car stories. laura jane wilson of the midland community gardens wants us to share stories at ‘a “tape peeling party” which is going to be SO MUCH FUN…. you really don’t want to miss it. lol. Bring a friend, peel some tape and help us get ready for fall mulching parties :)’. sue and oscar have returned–oscar looking for tasty stories to eat, sue for scottish stories to watch….

in ‘Project Scotland’ (‘a history of scotland‘ in the 20th century), neil oliver (‘walking man’) tours us through last century’s scotland’s economic successes but social failures that led to the mass export of its greatest resources, its people. gone is the coal. some day will the oil go. if the brightest, ablest people go too, who will be left behind? will renewed scottish nationalism save the scottish people?

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