cag–more final thoughts

my final thoughts, not vanier’s….

well, my not-so-final thoughts on community and growth at the close of september, 2012.

what if you’re not in a l’arche-like community, or an intentional community at all? we are all wounded, whether in community or not. god/dess is everywhere. is growth still possible? or if you’re not in community, is it regression?

does it matter, as long as you’re trying, wherever you are? if you’re trying, aren’t you growing?

maybe it’s not so much what you believe as what you do that attracts others and demonstrates growth.

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One Response to cag–more final thoughts

  1. Ute says:

    Maybe it’s about growing “in-ward” now instead of “out-ward”. I appreciate that if our community doesn’t grow, it may in some ways “die”. It is rapidly becoming too expensive to maintain our current standard of living, and unless we attract more people to share the escalating costs, we will be in a very difficult situation. Unless of course, we very intelligently find ways to reduce our costs… our services…. our salary expectations….would that be regression though?

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