cag–final(?) thoughts

the paradox: ‘death is a passage which cannot be made in community. it has to be made completely alone.’ we are nothing without community, yet we must ‘accept our essential solitude.’ we are mortal and finite. ‘because our hearts thirst for the infinite, they will never be satisfied…. [but] we can touch that infinite in art, music and poetry. we can experience moments of communion and love, of prayer and ecstasy–but they are only moments.’ i guess the real death is a death to the ego. here is the real paradox: death to the self is needed yet the self realizes life everlasting; here is the trust, the leap of faith.

the reality: ‘we will only find peace … when we have accepted our human condition … and have discovered that the eternal wedding feast will be waiting for us, like a gift, after our death.’

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2 Responses to cag–final(?) thoughts

  1. Cynthia says:

    I have so much to say on community. There is community with self (and I don’t mean the voices in our head, lol) and I know we, as humans, need community, it is what keeps us sane. To keep it biblical (just because I choose to not because anyone has to go there) God (or whatever you relate to as the creator of this time and place) created us in community. Whether we like it or not it still takes an egg and a sperm to make a child, to grow new life, whether animal or human. We can love who we want to love, build a life together with anyone of our choosing, but in reality we are built to grow community through relationship!

    • mmmm…. my current concern is what is a ‘community’? even if it’s not a vanier-like, intentional community, there’s still work to be done. my community comes together and it comes apart. maybe a vanier-like, intentional community inspires, but this community is on the line, doing the grunt work, for better or worse. how does one’s sexual orientation affect this kind of community?

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