• (if you’re bothering to read this–and god/dess knows why–you might want to start at the bottom and read up, which is forward in time)
  • what i did this summer
  • 2012
    • september
      • (continued in regular posts)
      • 21 fr clear skies; pancakes for bf, old friends (dave & nick) in the aft at gc, dinner with sue at ec, old band at c’s
      • 20 th more rain; visit from terri, catching me up with her family
      • 19 we ootc bod mtg w inge/trillium
      • 18 tu rain off and on; rescheduled going to bar to see dr m; canceled mcg mtg; watched the rmr, 22 minutes, and nothing (vacuum) on ‘everything & nothing
      • 17 mo sno back home; k picked up dairy-and-gluten-free muffins to fortify her and chloe through the long night while linda’s palliative at the pgh; watched ‘The Price of Progress’ (‘a history of scotland‘, 1760-1783)
      • 16 su at st mark’s, i sat on the other side–partly cuz the wc space was larger. partly cuz jv writes it’s good to shake things up–so catherine sermoned from the other side; after breakfast, sno went to sca, and i went for the 1st of 2 trike rides; during  the 2nd, i felt today a strong personal pull to understanding the world and myself more personally [say, through buddhism or ‘out of the cold’] and less politically [say, through 350 or town council]–but who knows? maybe i’m just recharging my batteries; k checked on me and set up coffee for the morning
      • 15 sa triked to the gardens, talked about the need for a community kitchen (like karma/penetang?), maybe at chigamik or ootc or salvation army
      • 14 fr rained all day. feeling blue, but i’ll get thru it.
      • 13 th today is mum’s hb. went to gc again and saw nic, bill, jf, siska, and met a guy on a 400cc bike from upstate ny whose looping around lk huron before heading out to calif; then scampered home to make muffin w/ deanna; karen n chloe dropped by; sue n i watched ‘The New Green Giants‘ on the doc zone, which ‘exposes the complex and controversial world of today’s organic food industry.’ bottom-line: kashi, silk bad, nature’s path good
      • 11 tu didn’t sleep much–woke up thinking it was sa; d’arcy came by for a game of chess; nina met me at gc for a great chat; sue n i watched forks over knives
      • 10 mo watched ‘Let’s Pretend’ (‘a history of scotland‘, 1688-1760)
      • 9 su sue to and from sca for to see her mom in hospital, me to st mark’s for eucharist; on the way home, sue had tranny troubles just north of sca
      • 7 fr cady and gavin came for breakfast; cady brought pix from nfld of her trip; i gave her a cd of jim’s songs engineered by his son, jacob, a very healing project for them; ootc bod mtg at chigamik w consultant dierdre gibson; watched the garden
      • 3 mo watched ‘God’s Chosen People‘ (‘a history of scotland‘, 1633-1688) –more blood and walking, and really good sarcasm, plus an invite for online comments and to open university. some guy journalled all the time–even on horseback, somehow; although he eventually was hung, 330 years later we have something of his thoughts. thank you. he died for his beliefs. thank you. and thank you too to the anonymous ones, pacifists and fighters alike.
    • august
      • fr 31 gc w sue; rev barley at donalda
      • tu 28 saw nicole at gc; chloe at awenda
      • mo 27 watched the remote past (16th-17th c scots history with neil oliver in ‘project britain‘ on ‘a history of scotland‘) and our immediate future (now and the next 30 or so years with jeremy rifkin and ‘Powering a New Paradigm ‘ on ‘the agenda in the summer’), both on tvo
      • sa 25 went jim and joan‘s 30th; watched one week, a movie that asked big questions AND had us laughing
      • fr 24 cady and i made veggie pizza; i watched waking life
      • th 23 dr m and casa capp in bar; lots of triking
      • we 22 sue and i met with jenn at gc; saw ‘west wind: the vision of tom thomson
      • tu 21 met with carla/ccac, ang/ot, maria/msw, and bonnie/sehc
      • su 19 sue and i went to the out of the blue fest to see the lefaives and my old band, blind mary; bought coffee and delish blueberry bun from cory dekerf
      • sa 18 k’s 50th–afternoon at kerr, evening at the brooklea with sue, the kids, friends, ex-fam, and k, of course
      • fr 17 very windy; d’arcy dropped by, driving bluebell
      • we 15 still overcast. chess w ja at gc–split a pr. talk w s, scott n nic re local food supply; most importantly, how long is a piece of string?
      • tu 14 dark clouds threatening rain–left trike covered tho; s took me to my hearing test (normal; tinnitus might be abi or aging or both), then downtown to musicland, drug store, and gc; she ran into ‘X’ who finds husband too controlling, even after decades of marriage; i’m mediocre at chess, even poorer at relationships; ootc bod mtg on 2nd floor of knox–met clare; got me thinking of popularity v purity; got him thinking of sus9y
      • mo 13 some rain, but mostly cloudy and not. took a chance and went triking this morning. this evening, more walking and plenty dripping scot blood, from the 14th c in ‘bishop makes king’ (‘a history of scotland‘)
      • sa 11 more rain, but off and on. while off, s went to the pfm; the jay-dubs (jehovah witnesses), 2 young men wearing ties, came to proselytize. o barked. they smiled. i said no tx. at gc, chatted w s, don (updates on self, bonnie, alex, n riley) n molly (going into 2nd yr at u of t), pat n bruce (who’ll be empty-nesters soon), kyle, nic (we talked mostly of fischer’s unknown health), while s chatted w jenn (who’s doing her masters at trent) n julie (who did natural kid stuff at artwalk).
      • fr 10 more all-day rain. bill installed ubuntu 12.4 on my laptop, which i’m using. slower, but less power. taught barre chords to sharlene. sue and oscar came home and we watched Tea With Mussolini–well, the humans watched; the dog snored.
      • th 9 nagasaki. ute came over, made coffee (my sole chemical addiction), and chatted about important stuff. rained just about all day.
      • we 8 sno to sca; 2 trike trips; ft dev
      • tu 7 cady and gavin delivered eggs, bill picked up the laptop, d’arcy and i played chess n chatted, saw dr m in bar, went to mcg/tth at llp–full day!
      • mo 6 hiroshima
      • su 5 coffee with jim mac at gc, supper with sue and ute at home
      • sa 4 coffee with bob bruer at gc, cards with sue at home
      • fr 3 petey goes to tim’s on bay–his old stomping grounds–to meet with bill–his successor–they’re building the new tim’s across the street; i could sit here all day and people-watch, but the coffee tastes terrible and where’s the social justice? sure miss gc. also, this is unsustainable, but who cares? is this reality, and mine just a pipe-dream?
      • we 1 sue dropped me off at gc, where i played chess w ja–we drew–and read ewl–sue picked me up; after supper we watched nature (arctic wolves and gyrfalcons) and nova (multiverses)
    • july
      • su 29 cady brought eggs
      • sa 28 sue and i watched cooking with stella
      • th 26 sue and i watched h2g2
      • tu 24
        • saw dr mcmaster in bar
        • watered at mcg; met newcomers alicia, marie, wally, mike and beagle charlie and oldcomers julie, ute, and adrian
      • su 22
        • after supper we went to the community gardens (mcg), where we met julie and howard, and talked to some possible volunteers
      • sa 21
        • cady visited me today. we talked about snorkeling and violence against children and what courses she might do in the fall–you know, normal stuff
      • fr 20
        • after my hair buzz, i went to grounded coffee (gc), where a map of north simcoe was 80 or 90% yellow, some brown, some green. yellow means mostly human rurality, green means national and provincial parks (like beausoleil or awenda), and brown means either urban areas (like midland or barrie) or reservations (like christian island or rama). yellow’s the colour of piss and brown’s the colour of….
        • meanwhile, back outside butts on the ground by the back door remind me people don’t care either about themselves or where they live.
        • i cut my hair realistically cuz i’m disabled and it’s easier to wash, and symbolically cuz i gotta be me.
      • tu 17
        • bruce gillies over
      • mo 16
        • sue and oscar to sca
      • tu 10
        • saw dr mcmaster in bar; went to cafe cappucino and waterfront
        • after mcg, saw jeremy bally and his uke at mpl, who is cycling across Canada to raise awareness for West Papua
      • su 8
        • s, o, and i went into the tiffin woods a-m; llp p-m
      • fr 6
        • i have tinnitus. it seems to be worsening. it comes and goes. but it comes esp’ly when i want quiet, like the wee small hours of the night or going to sleep. probably neurological but need to rule out wax build up, ear infection, low serotonin, aging, ???
        • had coffee and nibblies at gc–new coffee–sidamo from ethiopia–new blend–campfire–bought a bag of guatemalan light–saw scott, sarah drake, kyle , and ???
      • tu 3– on the 1st, canada day, i stayed at home while s staffed the mcg booth at llp; yesterday, s and i went to ec for reggae w ‘what it is‘; today, s went to sca for 3 days
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