my son plays civ5–‘civilization 5’–so i’ve installed freeciv 2.3.1 on ubuntu 12.04 and i’ll keep a journal, of course.

i used to play a forerunner of civ, hamurabi, on a 4k computer in 1977… we figured out the algorithms pretty quickly

freeciv is installed and running, but i have no idea what to do. good thing (i hope) there’s a wiki–

***freeciv reinforces anthropocentric precepts, not surprisingly, of objectification and domination. for example, look at how the land is thought of and used, especially as a resource.***

‘terrain’ (‘land’) serves three roles:

  1. battle-ground
  2. transportation
  3. resource-base [***finite or infinite? cyclical or linear?***]–all ‘working land’ has three kinds of points: food points, production points, and trade points, plus something special to that particular terrain, such as gems or minerals or fish, etc.
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