review of one week

later, we watched one week–not the 1998 bare naked ladies song but a 2008 movie about a guy who suddenly finds out he has serious cancer, so the first thing he does is buy a motorbike and goes on a road trip cuz a coffee cup told him ‘GO WEST YOUNG MAN’…..

wouldn’t you?

i would. a movie that asked big questions AND had us laughing–good music too.

one week might refer to how long he’s on the road, but he might be thinking one week is about all he has left to live. or maybe one instant. at one point he wipes out. another he finds himself singing the song his mother sang to him.

one week. or less. what would you do? would you be funny and poignant?

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1 Response to review of one week

  1. Ute says:

    Don Miguel Ruiz in “The Four Agreements” tells us that one of the secrets to a contented life, is to live as if the Angel of Death is your friend. I think perhaps to live like one week is all any of us have. Not sure I’d go out on a motorcycle, giggle….. but I KNOW I’d be at the beach lying on my favourite rock in the sun a lot! And um…… that’s exactly what I did this summer! Probably as we ease into fall as well. As long as I can afford my summer pass to Awenda Park, my bliss is high on my “one week” menu.

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