review of waking life

ok. maybe there’s two basic reasons to see this film: style (rotoscope) and content (existential philosophy). there’s no plot, no car chases, no sex. the style works. the content is verbose.

rotoscoping starts off as live action footage that is then drawn over–animated–allowing (1) different styles; (2) altered body parts (such as eyes); (3) embellished, non-real events and objects, such as floating or bubbles. it gives the director free reign.

which suits the content: existential philosophy and dreaming and reality–lots of words, digital alarm clocks, and light switches. the director–who in this film also wrote the script and acted–is an individual who creates this thing, unique in all the universe. lots of ideas. lots of things to think about.

or if you’re like me, go ’round in circles, like a dog chasing its tail.

near the end though, a character says, ‘that’s what i loved the most, connecting with the people. looking back, that’s all that really mattered.’

pay attention to the music if you hear violins, piano, accordion, cuz the tango music is exhilarating!

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