stuff, including Tears Of Sorrow, Tears Of Joy by Gary Machan

some stuff from Tears Of Sorrow, Tears Of Joy [tostoj]–A Companion Guide For Followers Of The Way by Gary Machan, published 2011 by Palabras Press, Calgary, AB. ISBN 978-1-897342-34-3

via positiva

etymology–humanity, humour, humility–humus–‘ “down to earth”…. The capacity to laugh at both our own folly, as well as the apparent absurdity of life…. A reaching upwards towards the heavens, and a rooting downwards into the earth for support and nourishment. Should we neglect the latter, we run the grave risk of toppling over when the first gusts of wind start to blow our Way, as indeed they inevitably will.’ [tostoj, 17]

via negativa

When you’re in the desert, how can you tell temptation from the real thing? How do you know The Adversary from Sophia? [tostoj, 47-48]

via creativa

‘Even for seasoned travelers of the Way, there exists the temptation to want to rise above it all…. The tragedy and suffering…. This must be avoided at all costs! … [We must keep] our hearts open at all times…. There is a common misconception that the goal of spiritual life is to … become impervious to …  desire, … suffering…. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as the mantra’ instead of ‘repentance’, the ‘paradox’ of the dualities such as suffering and joy, fear of loss and love, the River of Tears and The Garden Of Eden. [tostoj, 87-89]

‘We [must] pay attention to what is happening in the moment [our only task, ‘with our hearts as our compass and joy as our guide’ tostoj, 99]…. With the release of strong attachment … there is more laughter. Less list making…. More peace … and joy…. Let life come to us…. Respond to the opportunities and challenges…. Swim in’ the river. [tostoj, 94-95]

The four needs [tostoj, 101]:

  1. physical–started at Toronto Western
  2. emotional–started in Midland
  3. cognitive–ongoing
  4. spiritual–next?

via transformativa

‘it is important to set aside any desire to be perfect, and aim simply to be good hosts instead.’ [tostoj, 109]

what’s the difference between via creativa and via transformativa? perhaps the former is what you do, and the latter is what happens to you (tho creation spirituality offers the thought that via creativa is about ‘birthing, creativity, passion’ and via transformativa is about ‘justice, healing, celebration’)

more stuff…

Lisa Myers and Autumn Chacon: Noise Cooking

planet indigenous at harbourfront–Ten visionary days of current global Indigenous culture!–aug 10-19–free!

Pete Seeger to Release Two Albums This Fall

Twelve Principles of Creation Spirituality

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