My General Concerns

As Paul Simon sings,

Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan
The information’s unavailable to the mortal man
We’re workin’ our jobs, collect our pay
Believe we’re gliding down the highway, when in fact we’re slip sliding away

–‘The information’s unavailable to the mortal man‘–still, I wonder…

  • I wonder about time. Do we have time? Sometimes I look ahead years, decades, centuries, or longer if need be. Maybe a solution is to take it in smaller, more manageable chunks, like weeks instead of centuries. Or both? Maybe none. No future, just the eternal now. Thinking of the future causes me both joy and worry. Now is pretty good, except for the sound of the 2-stroke engine which (muttering the Serenity Prayer) I must accept but I can change by shutting the door and turning on the music–loud (Vivaldi, then Armstrong). Nor can I change the fact that I’m in a wheelchair.
  • I wonder whether history proceeds by evolution or revolution or both? Even a paradigm shift, such as the Scientific Revolution, takes hundreds of years, which is a blip glacially or geologically. The ‘new’ science, which has hardly reached mainstream yet, started in 1905, or even before that….
  • I wonder which are boiling (gradual) points and which are tipping (sudden –like a teeter-totter) points, which begs the question, what is gradual and what is sudden? For example, if climate change stops the Gulf Stream and an ice age ensues, will that happen overnight (a la the film version of The Day After), or take a few days, a season, a year, or ? However long it takes, is it still sudden? What is ‘sudden’ to a human? Also, whether boiling or tipping, things are heating up, which leads to… Is it natural or anthropogenic? Only god/dess’s hair dresser knows for sure.
  • I wonder about purity and popularity. We have wonderful laws, they can be very pure, very black-and-white, we say the right things, we write the right things, but sometimes  the reality is not so wonderful, not so black-and-white, not so pure…. Still that’s why we have laws … and judges and jurors. I guess both purity and popularity are necessary. Jean Vanier says, ‘The ideal doesn’t exist. The personal equilibrium and the harmony people dream of come only after years and years of struggle, and then only as flashes of grace and peace. Peace is the fruit of love and service to others. I’d like to tell the people in communities, “Stop looking for peace. Give yourselves where you are. Stop looking at yourselves, look instead at your brothers and sisters in need. Ask how you can better love your brothers and sisters. Then you will find peace.” ‘ (Community and Growth, 34)
  • Finally (finally?) I wonder what’s it all about (Alfie).
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