Review of To Make A Farm

sue and i watched to make a farm, about organic farmers young and old, born here and not, men and women, new and not, choosing not only to farm, but farm ethically, farm small, farm as if feeding others matters a lot.

one farmer (farming literally grounds you) said the trends against ethical farming–you know, corporate farming–are strong, but the hope for it is huge.

you rarely see kids, tho. why is that? at first, we thought family planning, these folks are young (20s?), and don’t have kids, yet. but as the film wore on, or maybe it’s in the extras (which are some of the best parts), at least three farmers mention their kids. but you never see them. why? i grew up on farmland in the 60s. kids were often in the fields or the orchards. but not in this director’s field or this cameraperson’s orchard. i’m glad the farmers mentioned their families, cuz in one sense isn’t that what farming (or gardening or marketing or baking or cooking or roasting) is all about?

while the film is fresh (filmed in 2010, released in 2011), be sure to read the updates for the freshest. SHARE has the DVD if anyone wants to see it.

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