On This Beautiful Night

Philosopher Pamela Lyons concludes a technical essay (ewl, 137-145) with ‘all organisms [including humans] are species-centric…. This tendency does not foreclose symbiotic mutualisms or individual animals acting in the interests of individuals of other species…. The future of human life on this planet may well depend on activating this capacity.’

It’s a beautiful summer’s day. Tonight we may water some plants at the community gardens. Last night I learned that what we see of space may be hologram, that reality is actually two-dimensional. I don’t understand. I didn’t understand the ten or eleven dimensions of string theory, or the 248 of this surfer dude. I think I got the gist of Einstein’s space-time fabric, and that’s weird enough.

Which makes me think we’re just guessing, about space, about other animals, about ourselves. Still, we do possess ‘symbiotic mutualisms’; sometimes we act ‘in the interests of individuals of other species’. Is this the ecological expression of boddhisatva-ism?

Oh well, back to watering the gardens and enjoying this beautiful night.

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One Response to On This Beautiful Night

  1. Shelley Essaunce says:

    We are expecting rain, so we won’t be watering the garden tonight…

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