Our Dangerously Outdated “Mechanistic” Worldview

Stephen Harding suggests (ewl, 81) that ‘perhaps it is time to counter our dangerously outdated “mechanistic” worldview with’ one based both on new science and ancient wisdom that the Earth is animate. Yes, both the new and the old are converging. The outdated view is dangerous because it can lead to wrong thinking and wrong action, and thus hurt yourself and others. Just as rainforests are storehouses of biological knowledge, indigenous cultures are storehouses of cultural knowledge. Modern science just confirms what we have always known in other cultures: that we are all of us deeply, intimately connected to everything else. Now, for the rest of our culture to catch up.  Though it’s inevitable (like death), no one knows exactly how long that’s going to take or what it will look like (again like death). You could say it’s our collective dark night of the soul, our via negativa. But, if we choose to step forward, courageously, via negativa is followed by via creativa and via transforma.

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